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Markerbids.com - Dye M2 and Planet Eclipse CS1 are coming!! - How It Works
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Markerbids.com - Dye M2 and Planet Eclipse CS1 are coming!!

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How It Works
How does it work?
Markerbids.com is a pay-per-bid style auction website. The basic philosophy of a pay-per-bid website, is to spread the cost of the item across multiple bidders, give the winner of the item an amazing deal, while hopefully generating enough bids to turn a profit for the website. The site functions similar to a raffle- everybody chips in, one person wins. But unlike a raffle, you can see everything take place in real time, right on your computer screen! We encourage you to take a few moments to read this page carefully, so that you understand exactly how Markerbids.com works, and so you can get the most out of your experience-
  • Register your account, and purchase a bid package by going to the Buy Bids page.
  • Bids cost $1.00 USD each, and discounts apply for bid packages starting at $39.99 and up.
  • Just like an Auctioneer saying 'Going once... Going twice...', you will notice a timer counting down to zero. When someone places another bid, 15 more seconds are added to the clock.
  • If you are the last bidder on the auction when the timer counts down to zero, you win!
  • Winners will receive a confirmation email. Simply go to MY AUCTIONS >> WIN HISTORY to pay for your item. No other hidden fees, no additional shipping charges, the final price of the auction is what you pay! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!
  • Each bid increases the price of the auction item by 1 cent (and adds 15 seconds to the countdown timer).
  • Find the auction you would like to bid on, and start bidding!
  • Due to the fast paced style of the auctions, we highly recommend that you purchase bid packages ahead of time!
  • We also recommend that you sign up in the Markerbids.com Official Forum so you can ask questions, get advice from other winners, and track your own winnings! 
Explanation #2
  • Each bid costs $1
  • Everytime someone places a bid, 15 seconds is added to the timer, and the price of the item goes up by one penny
  • If no one else bids when the timer goes to zero, they win the item at that price.
  • If someone else bids over them, 15 more seconds is added to the clock and the original bidder looses their dollar.
  • Repeat until no one else bids, and the timer goes to zero with the winner being the last bidder.
So when you see an item that has sold for $5.00, that's five hundred bids placed on that item. Remember, each bid increases 
the price by a penny and adds 15 seconds to the clock. So if Markerbids has a HPA Tank that we paid $170 for, and it sells 
for $5.00 (500 $1 bids), that's $500 the site has made to pay for the tank and shipping. Let's do some examples-

1) A loader that retails for $150, sells for $3.12, how much profit has Markerbids made on this item?
312 Bids x $1 = $312 minus $150 = $162 profit

2) A paintball marker that retails for $1500 sells for $6.84 on Markerbids, how much money has Markerbids made/lost on the item?
684 bids x $1 each = $684 dollars minus $1500 equals $816 loss
3) A mask that retails for $99 sells for $1.12 on Markerbids, how much money has Markerbids made/lost?
112 bids x $1 = $112 minus $99 = $13 in profit
Some important notes to the examples above -
* The bigger the bid pack you purchase, the lower the price per bid you pay. Our $299 bid pack gives you 429 bids, which is about 70 cents per bid
* We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all items purchased from Markerbids. The final price is the price you pay, we have never charged a winner for shipping and we never will. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING means just that, if you are in Europe, Canada, Guam, South America, Australia, makes no difference to us where or what you win, shipping is ALWAYS free!
How do I know if I won?
When no one else bids on the item, and the clock goes to zero, the winner of the item will get a confirmation email that's automatically generated instantly by the server, upon the close of the auction. This confirmation email is very important, this is your receipt that you have won the auction. Regardless of what you see on your computer screen, if you have not received a confirmation email, you have NOT won the auction. There are certain things that might happen at the last second, such as a brief pause as the server calculates the bids coming in, the button might gray out as the timer is increased, but the ultimate confirmation that you have won an auction, is the confirmation email. This is your receipt that you have won the auction. When in doubt, check your email!! Also, the item will appear in your Win History so you can complete the checkout.
Do these auctions violate Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies?
Our position is that products listed on Markerbids do not violate MAP, because you can't simply log on and buy them... you must WIN them. Markerbids operates similar to a raffle, and raffles are held all over the paintball industry. Raffles for charities, raffles for team and league fundraisers, raffles for paintball events and promotions. People purchase a ticket with the hopes of winning the item... and here at Markerbids, people purchase bids with the hopes of winning the item. Having numerous conversations with many upper level paintball industry decision makers, the overwhelming majority do not feel that the Markerbids business model violates MAP.
Let's address the concerns about "gambling"-
Pay-per-bid, or penny-bid websites like Markerbids.com have been criticized by many, as being gambling websites. While we are not going to attempt to justify the pay-per-bid auction business model one way or another, we will simply say that at the time of the forming of this business, pay-per-bid auction websites are not considered gambling websites. They are not bound by the laws and regulations that govern gambling institutions. The least we can do is to be completely upfront and honest with our business model, how we make money, and the financial risks you take by using Markerbids.com. There is a chance that you may win a $2,000 paintball marker for $80, using the bids you got for a $10 bid package you bought. There is a chance that you may spend $5,000 on this site and not win a single item. People are indeed winning items, packages are being shipped to the winners every single day, videos and pictures are being posted all over the internet of people receiving their winnings. People are winning paintball gear, sometimes at FRACTION of retail cost, with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!!
If in the future, laws and regulations are enacted to deem our website as gambling, we will certainly do the due diligence to ensure that we are in FULL compliance with any and all legal & tax regulations, and will continue to operate our business. There are tens of thousands of legal gambling websites (such as poker websites) conducting business all over the internet, and it's just a matter of learning the laws and regulations of operating a gambling website, and taking all steps required to comply with those laws IF those laws are passed. As of this writing, pay-per-bid auction style websites, also known as penny-bid websites, are NOT considered gambling.